Deltapontjes 2021 [English]

Colophon Issue Gemeente Hoeksche Waard For more information, please visit: Photography The participating municipalities, Natuurmonumenten, VVV Zuid-Holland Zuid, VVV Zeeland, VVV Moerdijk, various operators, RTM Museum, Vereniging Hoekschewaards Landschap and other promotional organisations. Circulation 19,000 copies April 2021 Our thanks to all parties who provided text and images. Subject to misprints and errors. This brochure was compiled with the greatest care. Neither the Gemeente Hoeksche Waard nor any other parties can be held liable for damage resulting from any errors or omissions in the information provided in this publication. The storage and distribution of this brochure was made possible by the Stichting Wachtschip Driestromengroep foundation. .