Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

Nieuw-Beijerland – Hekelingen The ferry service Hekelingen – NieuwBeijerland sails along the Spui between the Hoeksche Waard and the island of VoornePutten. The Spui was formed in the wake of the storm surge of 2 November, 1532. It is the connecting river between the Oude Maas and the Haringvliet. The first crossings on the Spui date back to the end of the 15th century. Even today, the only way to cross the river is by boat. The connection has been privately run since 1924. In those days, the fare for a person to cross was a mere 5 cents. The current ferry, the fifth in a row, has been sailing since 1997 and bears the name The Queen Jacqueline, named after the owner's wife. The ferry has an artistic edge, as graphic designer and artists Steinie Boender from Nieuw-Beijerland designed both the colours and the logo for the ferry. In addition to cyclists and pedestrians, the ferry can also transports cars, and is in operation throughout the entire year.