Deltapontjes 2023 [English] The fun ferries serving the Haringvliet 2023 EDITION

Connections 1 Numansdorp - Willemstad 2 Strijensas - Moerdijk 3 Nieuw-Beijerland - Hekelingen 4 Rhoon - Oud-Beijerland - Oude Tol - Spijkenisse 5 Puttershoek - Zwijndrecht 6 Nieuwendijk - Tiengemeten 7 Brielse Meer 8 Dintelmond/Dintelsas - Willemstad - Ooltgensplaat - Galathese haven - Benedensas 9 Lage Zwaluwe

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Island hopping around the Haringvliet! Heaving on the waves of a passing ship, the ferry waits until the last passenger steps aboard. But then comes the signal to cast off! The propellor turns at full speed, the water swirls, and the boat slowly begins to move. Screeching seagulls follow in its wake, searching for food. Unique experience Away from the mainland and the hectic pace of the day, enjoy the crossing to the full, the wind blowing through your hair, the splashing water, gazing at the other side to see if land is in sight- ant that’s only the beginning…..

5 This latest edition (which is already the 14th) of the Deltapontjes brochure doesn’t just include the ferry connections, but is also packed with information about cycling, walking, and other tourist tips to make sure you get the most out of your stay. In addition, the 3 most enjoyable walking and cycling routes are also included, along with the 10 must-see locations in the Hoeksche Waard! Experience it in your own way: every connection is unique, no two ferries are the same, and the area across the shore has its own unique features. So come and immerse yourself in the island’s atmosphere. This brochure provides information about the ferry connections in the area. Sailing times may change in the meantime due to unforeseen circumstances. If you want to be certain of the correct times, then check the ferry’s website before departure. At the back of this brochure there are tourist tips for a day out or a longer stay per area. The details of the tourist offices/promotion organisations are also listed here. Almost all areas have a cycling junction system and walking route network. This makes it even easier to discover the attractive areas around the Haringvliet. For more information about current departure times, download the free app 'transfer springs' or check them over at: 5 Information

Numansdorp - Willemstad Good news: the ‘Anna’ ferry is back in operation! Step onto this former patrol vessel from 1957, and enjoy all the beauty on display along the Hollands Diep river. The babbling water, the passing of the mighty barges, and the skipper’s tales make for a unique experience. Please note that the ferry has a max capacity for 12 people and 12 (electric) bicycles. If you feel like a round trip by bike or going on a long hike, then you can go ‘rondje pontje’, to NumansdorpWillemstad-Moerdijk- Strijensas, which is a special offer on the ferry trips. The skipper can tell you all about it. Sailing period 6 May up until and including 24 September 2023. Sailing days May, June and September: Saturdays and Sundays. July and August: Wednesday through to Sunday. Extra sailing days: Thursday 18 May (Ascension Day), Friday 19 May and Monday 29 May (Whit Monday).

7 Numansdorp departure times Willemstad departure times 11.00 11.30 12.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 On request, there will be a final crossing from Numansdorp to Willemstad at 17.30 if a minimum of 4 people are looking to board. During busy working days we will run continuously, and not according to schedule. Rates One way Return Adults € 5,50 € 8,50 Children up to 12 years under supervison € 2,75 € 4,25 NOTE: No charge for bikes! This ferry will run continuously when demand is high! Card payments accepted. Pick-up point The pick-up points are in Numansdorp at Fort Buitensluis right on top of the dike, and in Willemstad by the pier head opposite the parking lot. For more information Caroline van Wijngaarden 06 - 104 344 74 Numansdorp: Various catering establishments in the shopping street. Willemstad: Various outdoor cafes and restaurants within the fort. Connection

Strijensas - Moerdijk Strijensas is a picturesque town in the Hoeksche Waard, known for its historic lock, bridge and beacon. Moerdijk is a village located in Brabant on the other side of the Hollandsch Diep strait. Up until 1820, a ferry also sailed between these villages. This was key connection at the time between the South Holland Islands and North Brabant. Since 2016, captain Jan Blokland has been operating this ferry connection with the Lucretia, a spacious punt from 1973, measuring almost 15 metres. Take a seat and enjoy the beautiful trip across the Hollandsch Diep strait. Sailing period 6 May up until and including 24 September 2023. Sailing days May, June and September: Saturdays and Sundays. July and August: Wednesday through to Sunday. Extra sailing days: Thursday 18 May (Ascension Day), Friday 19 May and Monday 29 May (Whit Monday). Up to 12 people per departure are permitted, and there is room for up to 12 bicycles. The crossing takes approximately 20 minutes. The ferry connects to the following cycling network points: 29 (Strijen), and 27 and 37 in the Hoeksche Waard. When coming from Moerdijk, this is junction 39.

9 Strijensas departure times Moerdijk departure times 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 10.30, 11.30, 13.00 13.30, 14.30, 15.30, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00 16.30, 17.30 In the event of bad weather and limited passenger numbers, sailings can be requested (by telephone) from Moerdijk. Rates One way Return Adults €4.00 €6.00 Children up to 12 years under supervision Free Free NOTE: No charge for bikes! This ferry will run continuously when demand is high! Card payments accepted. Pic-up points Strijensas: on the jetty along the path to the beacon Moerdijk: Dorpshaven (village harbour), on the jetty along the path past Den Bels For more information Captain Jan Blokland 06 - 539 348 02 Strijensas: Restaurant/Terras De Batterij Moerdijk: Restaurant Kanters 9 Connection ing

Nieuw-Beijerland – Hekelingen The ferry service Hekelingen – NieuwBeijerland sails along the Spui between the Hoeksche Waard and the island of VoornePutten. The Spui was formed in the wake of the storm surge of 2 November, 1532. It is the connecting river between the Oude Maas and the Haringvliet. The first crossings on the Spui date back to the end of the 15th century. Even today, the only way to cross the river is by boat. The connection has been privately run since 1924. In those days, the fare for a person to cross was a mere 5 cents. The current ferry, the fifth in a row, has been sailing since 1997 and bears the name The Queen Jacqueline, named after the owner's wife. The ferry has an artistic edge, as graphic designer and artists Steinie Boender from Nieuw-Beijerland designed both the colours and the logo for the ferry. In addition to cyclists and pedestrians, the ferry can also transports cars, and is in operation throughout the entire year.

11 Departure times The Queen Jacqueline sails daily between 05:30 and 23:00. Rates One way 10-trip ticket Person €0.90 €7.20 Person with bike €1.05 €8.40 Person with moped/motorbike €1.20 €9.60 Car up to 2000 kg (incl. driver) €2.10 From €16.80 Other rates available on request. Pick-up points Nieuw-Beijerland: (from Piershil) drive past the windmill De Swaen in the direction of the Spui. Hekelingen: via Spijkenisse in the direction of Hekelingen, keep driving straight on until you reach the Spui. For more information / reservations Veerbedrijf Hoorweg B.V. 0186 - 693 064 / 06 - 538 685 49 Hekelingen: Eterij Klavertje Vier (café) 11 Connection

Rhoon – Oud-Beijerland – Oude Tol – Spijkenisse The Rhoonsveer ferry connects OudBeijerland, Rhoon and Spijkenisse. In Oud-Beijerland, the ferry even stops at two locations, namely in the town centre, and at the Oude Tol (old toll point). The Rhoonsveer ferry can transport 100 people. This connection over the Spui operates every weekday throughout the entire year. From the second weekend in May up until and including the second weekend in September, there are also crossings at the weekends an public holidays. Klein Profijt From the centre, you can explore the picturesque village center of OudBeijerland with its many restaurants and shops. You can also walk or cycle to Klein Profijt (an old salmon fishery). This is the location of the nature visitor entre of the Hoekschewaards Landschap association (HWL). Sitting in the outdoor area of Klein Profijt, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Spui with a cup of tea or coffee. The Rhoonsveer ferry also stops at the Oude Tol. The Oude Tol recreation area and the Spuipark are now also easily accessible via the water. The Oude Tol is an especially popular place in the summer to enjoy the surroundings, the beautiful weather and water, while enjoying a snack and drink. Form the Oude Tol, you can either head straight into the Hoeksche Waard, or cross over to the Spijkenisse nature and recreation area De Uitwaayer. For more information Ferry captain 06-553 278 28

Oud-Beijerland: Pavilion De Oude Tol and various outdoor cafes in Oud-Beijerland harbour Rhoon: In Rhoon there are several eateries Spijkenisse: The centre offers a wide range of cafes and restaurants Sailing period The Rhoonsveer ferry is operational throughout the year, with the exception of the Christmas holidays. Departure times On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the ferry is in operation from the second weekend in May, up until and including the second weekend in September. 13 Rates One way 10-trip ticket Rhoon – Oud-Beijerland €2.10 €14.70 Rhoon - Spijkenisse / Oude Tol €2.65 €19.00 Oud-Beijerland - Spijkenisse / Oude Tol €1.40 €9.50 Spijkenisse - Old Toll €1.40 €9.50 Ferry round trip €4.20 Pick-up points The above prices also apply to crossings with a (motor)bike. Card payments are permitted on the Rhoonsveer ferry. For more timetable information, please go to: Rhoon: Oude Maaspad, past the marina Oud-Beijerland - centre: Oostkade harbour (harbour east quay) Oud-Beijerland - Oude Tol: Oude Tol Spijkenisse: De Uitwaayer (Kerkhofsdijk) Connection

Puttershoek – Zwijndrecht Every day, this foot passenger ferry takes some 200 students and commuters across the Oude Maas river. Passengers can board at Puttershoek in the traditional Dutch café 't Veerhuys'. In Groote Lindt (municipality of Zwijndrecht) the ferry departs from the ARA Hotel. Both eateries have waterfront outdoor seating areas offering views of the Oude Maas. Every year, more than 50,000 cyclists and walkers use the ferry. Especially for this group, the ferry also operates at weekends during the summer period. The foot passenger ferry has an important task in connecting cycling routes on IJsselmonde and throughout the Hoeksche Waard. History The Puttershoek – Groote Lindt ferry has been in operation for many years, and the route dates back to 1439. The construction of the Barendrecht bridge in 1888 and the introduction of cars diminished the importance of the ferry, and in 2005, the end of this ferry connection seemed very near. Fortunately however, this was prevented, thanks to the efforts of a number of parties, resulting in the salvation of this centuries-old ferry connection in 2006 after years of uncertainty. And, to this day, the foot passenger ferry is fully operational, and its use has since doubled!

Departure times Monday to Friday Between 06.30 and 08.45 Between 13.00 and 18.00 The ferry operates on request every 15 minutes according to the following schedule: Puttershoek departure times -.00, -.15, -.30, -.45 etc. Zwijndrecht departure times -.05, -:20, -.35, -.50 etc. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: from the second weekend in May up until and including the second weekend in September Between 11.00 and 17.30. Departures every fifteen minutes, the same as on weekdays. Puttershoek: Café ‘t Veerhuys Zwijndrecht: Hotel Ara Period of operation The Putter ferry service operates all year round, with the exception of the Christmas holidays (central NL region). Rates One way for adults € 1.95 One way for children € 1.25 *( ages 4 to 11)* 20-trip ticket* € 26.00 20-trip ticket* € 15.50 *for students up to age 18 years* Tickets are sold on board the ferry service. The above rates also apply to crossings with (motor)bikes. Card payments are accepted on board the Putter ferry service. For more information / reservations: The captain can be reached during sailing times by telephone at: 06-10885953. Connection 15

Nieuwendijk - Tiengemeten Board the ferry to Tiengemeten at Nieuwendijk, and experience that wonderful holiday feeling. Escape the mainland and hectic pace of everyday life. Each day, the service carries pedestrians and cyclists to Tiengemeten. A visit to the unique island starts in the Natuurmonumenten visitor centre, which provides information, bike or tandem rentals, children's activities, and gifts and ice creams. On Tiengemeten, you can walk, cycle, enjoy birds and the meadow landscape. You can also visit the Rien Poortvliet and Agricultural (Landbouw) museums and /or have lunch at Gasterij de Gezusters or TinyParks Tiengemeten. Children can go on exciting discovery trails that start at the visitor centre. There are also facilities for hosting meetings on the island, or exploring it with a guide. If you’re looking to stay longer, then both TinyParks and the Buitenleven holiday homes offer excellent overnight accommodation options at this special location. PLEASE NOTE: between 1 April and 1 November, almost everything is open from Tuesday all the way through to Sunday. The nature areas are accessible all year round, as are the toilets and coffee/tea in the visitor centre. For more information, please visit

Departure times From Nieuwendijk, a ferry departs daily for Tiengemeten every hour on the hour between 10.00 and 17.00 from 1 May to 30 September. At weekends, the ferry even sails until 19:00. Between 1 October and 30 April, the last ferry to the island departs every day at 17:00, taking you to the island or back on the mainland in ten minutes. For information on ferry rates and opening hours of all facilities on Tiengemeten, go to: meten Nieuwendijk pick-up point When coming from Hoeksche Waard follow the signs for Zuid-Beijerland and then Nieuwendijk. Then head for the sign marked Tiengemeten ‘veerdienst’ (ferry service). At the pick-up point, there is a large car park belonging to Natuurmonumenten where you can park free of charge. Ferry ticket Buy your ferry ticket(s) online in advance via the Natuurmonumenten website: Address Nieuwendijk 1, 3284 KR Zuid-Beijerland For more information / reservations Visitor Center Tiengemeten 0186-660214 Gasterij de Gezusters en TinyParks Tiengemeten Connection 17

Brielse Meer The year 2020 marked the 50-year anniversary of the bicycle/foot ferry connection across the Brielse Meer. As of recently, you can cross it in silent mode, because it is now powered electrically, by batteries and solar panels. The pick-up points are on both the north and south sides of the lake. The ferry is also connected to the cycling network points 26 and 27. The Brielse Meer is an elongated lake measuring 10 km that forms the boundary between Voorne and Europoort, and is a popular water sports spot with many marinas and restaurants. This freshwater lake is a beloved spot for swimming, kayaking and stand-up paddling. Near the pick-up point on the north side of the lake is the Brielle water sports centre. There are (motor)boats for hire here, as well as Sups, kayaks, canoes and other water-related activities. This super fun location is also ideal for workshops, parties, school and company outings are also organized. There is waterskiing, and wakeboard lessons are also offered. There is also an outdoor café with a nice view of the lake. For people with an e-bike there are charging points available. For more information www. Brielle Brielle is a historical citadel, boasting one of the best preserved fortifications in the Netherlands. It has received kings and queens during its rich history, and the likes of admirals, writers, poets and martyrs were among its inhabitants. The olde citadel was once the most famous pilgrimage site in South Holland, and is home to over 300 listed buildings. On April 1, 1572, Brielle was taken by the Watergeuzen (sea beggars) which earned it a prominent place within Dutch history. Cees de Bijl

19 Departure times During the months of April and September: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and during the months of May to August: daily from 9:30 to 18:00. Rates: One way Adults € 1.60 Children up to 13 years € 1.00 The Geuzenveer ferry is accessible for mobility scooters and wheelchairs (gangway available). Fares include (motor) bikes; an extra trailer costs € 0.50. Pick-up points North side: Brielse Veerweg 3 South side: Rochus Meeuwiszoonweg For more information or check our Facebook page. 19 Connection

Dintelmond/Dintelsas - Willemstad - Ooltgensplaat - Galathese haven - Benedensas This year, a ferry will cross the Volkerak twice daily between Brabant and GoereeOverflakkee. From the upper deck, there is a wonderful view over the water. This ferry service is an excellent opportunity for hikers and cyclists to enjoy the picturesque and lovely villages around the water of the Delta. You can visit Fort Sabina for instance, and be surprised by this 12hectare verdant fortification from Napoleonic times. From the fort, the ferry crosses the Volkerak to Ooltgensplaat harbour. From the jetty, it’s only a few minutes’ walk to Fort Prins Frederik or you can alight the Galathese harbour on the Mariadijk, where there is also a fun outdoor play area. A cycle path has been created along the entire dike up to Oude-Tonge. But the stop at Benedensas is also worthwhile; from there, explore the beautiful Dintelse Gorzen nature reserve with various walking routes and a bunker from WWII that now serves as an information point. Th Bunkertreppe is an artistic stairway that is utilised as a lookout point.

1 Jachthaven Waterkant Vertrektijden: 10.15 uur, 14.40 uur 21 (Sasdijk 2Y, Dinteloord) 2 Jachtcentrum Dintelmond Vertrektijden: 10.35 uur en 15.00 uur (Markweg Zuid 14, Heijningen) 3 Haven Ooltgensplaat Vertrektijden: 11.20 uur en 15.45 uur (Havendijk 16, Ooltgensplaat) Departure point Departure time morning Departure time afternoon 1. Dinteloord 10.00 14.30 (Sasdijk 2Y) Board to the left of Brasserie Overstag 2. Willemstad 10.45 15.30 (Fort Sabina) Board at the end of Steigerweg road 3. Ooltgensplaat 11.20 16.00 (Havendijk 16) Board on the south side of the harbour canal, inside the lock 4. Galathese Haven 12.15 16.40 (Mariadijk 2) Board at the harbour jetty 5. Benedensas 13.15 17.40 (Benedensasweg 2-4) return to Dinteloord at 18.45 Board the boat outside of the lock Return to Dinteloord (behind the bunker) Prices For departure times and prices, please visit the website. For more information Waterpoort captain - 06 - 434 076 38 Bookings - 0167 - 528 023 Connection

Lage Zwaluwe - Werkendamse Biesbosch Since 2017, this ferry has been sailing between Lage Zwaluwe and the Biesbosch National Park. There is so much to do at De Biesbosch! You can enjoy the abundant natural beauty within the area, but for real adventure you can opt for something sportier. Experience De Biesbosch from the water, go for a nice walk, with or without an expert guide or forester, or go bird-watching at the crack of dawn. Try fly-fishing with friends, take a canoe trip and stop for a romantic picnic by the waterside, or cycle along the paved paths and enjoy the rugged landscape with the wind blowing through your hair. From the end of April, between Lage Zwaluwe and the Jacominaplaat in Werkendam, the foot-bicycle ferry 't Leeuwe Veerke will be operational again, enabling hikers and cyclists to experience the Biesbosch from Lage Zwaluwe. The ferry is fully electrically powered by batteries and solar panels. Foot-bike ferry 't Leeuwe Veerke was added to the recreation company’s "Poort naar de Biesbosch" fleet in 2020. At the boarding point in Lage Zwaluwe, you can stop at lunchroom Biesla, which serves lunch, drinks and dinner. Sailing period and days For current sailing dates and times, please visit the website:

23 Sailing times 10.00 - 13.15 / break / 14.00-17.20 17.20 hours: last sailing from Lage Zwaluwe 17.40 hours: last sailing from Werkendam Pick-up points Lage Zwaluwe: Biesboschweg 7 in Lage Zwaluwe Werkendam: Deeneplaatweg 262 in Werkendam For information on prices, please visit the website: More information: Facebook: Poort naar de Biesbosch Connection

Bestemmingen Haringvliet Hellevoetsluis De schitterende ligging aan het uitgestrekte Haringvliet heeft een belangrijke rol gespeeld in het verloop van de geschiedenis voor Hellevoetsluis. Niet voor niets is het een ‘Vestingstad aan het Haringvliet’. De Vesting, met haar havens en verdedigingswerken, herbergt een rijke schat aan historie. Nabij de havens in Hellevoetsluis zijn vele bezienswaardigheden uit het marine verleden binnen de vesting te zien én er zijn gezellige terrasjes. Op de fiets kun je het prachtige Voorne-Putten ontdekken langs het fietsknooppuntennetwerk. Stellendam In Stellendam you will find, among other things, the seal rescue centre A Seal and the restaurant Zoet of Zout, where you can enjoy the beautiful view over the Haringvliet from the outdoor seating area. You can rent bikes in Stellendam and take a trip on the Zuiderdiep with a ‘whisper boat’ (electric boat) (start/info: 't Wapen van Stellendam, Voorstraat). Three wonderful bike and walking routes start at the TOP in Stellendam in the outer harbour, which include the nature reserves De Kwade Hoek and Scheelhoek and historic Goedereede. The fish auction in Stellendam hosts guided tours between May and October on Friday mornings, where you can also eat some delicious fish. Register in advance with the VVV Goeree-Overflakkee tourist centre if you wish to take part. Hellevoetsluis Its beautiful location along the cast Haringvliet has played a key role in the course of history for Hellevoetsluis. It’s not without reason that it is a ‘fortified city on the Haringvliet’. The fortress, with its ports and defense’s, holds and abundance of historic treasures. Near the ports in Hellevoetsluis, many artefacts from its naval past are on display within the fortress, and there are some nice outdoor cafes. The beautiful town of Voorne-Putten is also easily reached via the cycling network. Robin Visser.

Stad aan ‘t Haringvliet ''Stad’ or 'Stat' means 'place on the water', and in this case it means on the water of the Haringvliet. Stad aan 't Haringvliet has a buzzing village harbour. In addition to this harbour, Stad aan 't Haringvliet also has a large marina, making it an attractive landing point for water sports enthusiasts. To the west of the marina is the sandy beach of Stad aan 't Haringvliet. Like most places on Goeree-Overflakkee, Stad aan 't Haringvliet also has a windmill that dates back to 1746. Its name, De Korenaer, indicates that it was originally a flour mill. Middelharnis - Sommelsdijk Middelharnis forms one residential area together with the town of Sommelsdijk. Middelharnis and Sommelsdijk both have a beautiful cultural-historical centre. Sommelsdijk is home to the GoereeOverflakkee regional museum, which will appeal to people of all ages. The the inner harbour of Middelharnis features many trendy catering establishments and the Menheerse Werf shipyard. Middelharnis also boasts plenty of shops. For more information, visit or 25 Destinations

Willemstad If you’re looking to go back in time, then Willemstad is the right place to journey to. ‘Willem's city’ is one of the most strategically located cities of William of Orange. The connection with the House of Orange is still evident; even today, King Willem-Alexander still bears the title "Lord of Willemstad". Willemstad is basically one large historical monument, and strolling through it will bring some of the most turbulent eras in Dutch history back to life. The barrels of old cannons leer over the high city walls - but don’t worry, they’re more of a welcoming committee than a threat! Numansdorp In the southern part of the Hoeksche Waard lies the village of Numansdorp, next to the Hollands Diep. This village was founded in 1642 and named after the very first Craftsman Gerard Numan. Stroll through the enjoyable Voorstraat, which has many wonderful little shops, as well as great options for lunch or dinner at its many restaurants. Also worth a visit is Fort Buitensluis. Find out all about this fort, which was founded in 1793/1794, and is located directly on the Hollands Diep.

27 Nieuwendijk Nieuwendijk is located on the Haringvliet and is a hamlet comprising just a few streets and some 350 residents. It’s part of the municipality of Hoeksche Waard. During the disastrous flood of 1953, a large section of Nieuwendijk was badly damaged. Norway came to its aid, and donated 36 Norwegian homes. Almost all of the original houses stood on the dike before the disaster. After the flood, the new houses were built in the polder. Nieuwendijk is split in two by the West-Binnenhaven. All streets east of this water are named after famous Norwegian. people. The streets to the west of this water are named after places in Norway. Nieuwendijk is the starting point of the ferry to the island of Tiengemeten. Tiengemeten There is a lot to see and experience on Tiengemeten Nature Island. Tiengemeten forms a key link between the Biesbosch and the Voordelta within the dynamic of the Haringvliet: the shallow North Sea before the mouth of the Haringvliet. The creeks on the island are an important habitat for aquatic insects and spawning and growing fish. This in turn attracts numerous birds seeking food here. These days, there are nesting sea eagles, and beavers build their lodges there. Tiengemeten consists of three areas, each with its own charm and nature. In the eastern part of the island lies the Weemoed (Wistfulness) area, you’ll feel as if you’re in a 19th century agricultural landscape. In the middle of Tiengemeten lies the area named Weelde (Wealth) comprising reedlands and open swamp landscape, which is heaven for birdwatchers. In the west of the island there are mudflats and swamps. This part is called Wildernis, where the water rules. Enjoy a stroll through this freshwater tidal area, but don't forget your wellington boots. 27 Destinations

Walking in the Hoeksche Waard Come and discover the polders and banks of the Hoeksche Waard on foot. Enjoy endless views over the farmlands with their historic farmhouses, meandering dikes, grasslands, willow groves and a special tidal wetland. And, with a bit of luck, you might spot a roe deer, beaver, spoonbill or even a white-tailed eagle. Walking point network Since 2018, the Hoeksche Waard features a walking point network of 470 km. The top three can be found here, but choosing is no easy task, because there are so many interesting walks to take. This South Holland Island has an incredible diversity. You can determine your own walking route along the way by combining different points, or plan your route in advance via You can also order/pick up a printed walking route map at various VVV (Tourist offices). Heading back in time: Oeverlanden Hollands Diep Stroll through a primeval Dutch river landscape (Strijensas) Enjoy the unspoilt natural surroundings, and stroll through the wild reedlands and overgrown willow forests with mysterious pools. Cross the grasslands and encounter Scottish Highlanders. Sit down on a bench and enjoy the view over the Hollandsdiep. You see, there’s no chance of getting bored on this trip! The unique freshwater tide creates a special type of vegetation, and attracts numerous bird species. Halfway through the walk there is a towboat, and in one section of this area you can also wander off the paths. That promises to be a wonderful adventure for all ages, so remember to take your boots along.

Bird watching: Natuurpad Tiendgorzen ‘De nieuwe wildernis’ small-scale The Tiendgorzen was once laid out by humans, but nature has clearly taken over. This special marsh-like area is home to many different bird species. Cows graze there, but the most special inhabitant is probably the rare root vole. The unpaved hiking trail takes you along the Haringvliet on one side, overlooking the island of Tiengemeten. On the other side you walk along the sea dike, where you’ll sometimes encounter groups of sheep. The area is characterized by a strongly fluctuating water level. Just like nature, water rules here, so remember to take along your boots. 29 Experience valuable alone time: Korendijkse Slikken Unique delta formed by ebb and flow In this most western point of the Hoeksche Waard, you will experience the ultimate in tranquility. This is where nature takes control. It is the place where ebb and flow provide a dynamic, network of mudflats, creeks and gullies and varied vegetation. Walk over the winding paths along the reed collars, sport the most beautiful birds from the birdwatching hut, and enjoy the endless view over the Spui and Haringvliet rivers. The nature reserve is an important breeding ground for many different bird species, which is why the walking route is closed from 15 March to 15 July. Information

Cycling in the Hoeksche Waard Discover the unique polder landscape and iconic structures of the Hoeksche Waard by bike. Cycle over winding dikes, creeks and through charming villages. Along the way, you’ll pass a number of historic farms, where you can often enjoy local delicacies. Cycling junction network The Hoeksche Waard has 229 kilometers of cycling routes officially, but in the quiet polders you can actually enjoying cycling just about anywhere. The three best cycling routes are mentioned here. You can also map out your own route via or get a cycling route map of the Hoeksche Waard at the VVV (Tourist office). Hop-on-hop-off: Molenroute A wonderful day out Cycle over authentic winding dikes through the polders and along the water. Along the way you’ll come across a number of interesting polder and flour mills that are well worth a visit. Go to for current opening hours. A large part of the cycle route takes you along the Binnenbedijkte Maas. Sit yourself down on one of the benches and revel in the wonderful surrounding nature. Or stop at the well-known recreation resort Binnenmaas, with its playground, petting zoo and outdoor pool. Here you can also combine your bike ride with a boat or canoe tip on the Binnenmaas. It all adds up to a wonderful day out.

Unparalleled views: Krekenroute Oost Lovely harbour villages and Dutch prairies A varied landscape: De Drie Beijerlanden From winding dikes to vast arable lands This route takes you along the 'three Beijerlands' of the Hoeksche Waard: Oud-, Nieuw- and Zuid-Beijerland (old, new, and south). The villages are named after Sabina of Bavaria, the wife of Count Lamoraal of Egmont, founder of Oud-Beijerland in 1559. You’ll discover the diversity of the beautiful Hoeksche polder landscape. Cycle over authentic treelined dikes, cut through the vast farmlands and along winding creeks. En route, you can encounter different and sights, such as historic farms and mills, and cozy coffee bars and eateries. From the Nieuwendijk, you’ll have a beautiful view of the island of Tiengemeten, where you can also enjoy wonderful bike rides. This route starts in the lovely harbour village of Numansdorp, with nice shops and outdoor cafes. Visit the nearby listed structure of Fort Buitensluis, where you can learn everything about the special Hoeksche Waard landscape. Cycle along the beautiful nature of the Oeverlanden Hollands Diep. And just when you think the landscape couldn't get any vaster, you arrive at the Oudeland van Strijen. This meadow bird habitat is teeming with bird species, and offers unparalleled views for you to enjoy. 31 Charging point Did you know that there are various charging points for electric bicycles around the Haringvliet? Look for their locations at: 31 Information

The Hoeksche Waard has a large number of attractions, and you will encounter many beautiful spots along the cycling and walking routes. Here though are ten lovely locations you wouldn’t want to miss. De vrije wildernis: Tiengemeten The special experience starts as soon as you board the ferry. Once you alight, you feel like you’re in another world. Flowery fields, marshes and vast rugged tidal areas alternate. Today, nature is in charge, but that was different in past times. Beautiful historic farms testify to the island’s agricultural heritage. Tiengemeten offers an interesting mix of nature and (cultural) history. You can enjoy walking and cycling here, and there are several museums and a natural play area. Village with urban allure: Oud-Beijerland centre Oud-Beijerland has a rich history, of which the beautiful Raadhuis (town hall) from 1662 is probably the most famous example. In the centre, you will find a varied range of shops and there is no shortage of delightful eateries: from trendy coffee bars and lunchrooms to high quality restaurants, Oud-Beijerland offers something for everyone. The 10 must-see spots in the Hoeksche Waard!

Playground and amusement park: Recreatieoord Binnenmaas Or challege each other to a game of mini-golf. There is also a petting zoo and a large outdoor pool with sunbathing lawn. And if you want to make a trip on the Binnenmaas, you can rent an canoe or pedal boat. Robust delta nature: Korendijkse slikken Recreatieoord Binnenmaas offers fun for all ages, with a well-organized playground and various attractions, including electric boats and cars, a gokart course and bumper boats. This nature reserve is valuable and a unique area to the Netherlands. It’s the place where the rivers Spui and Haringvliet converge, where fresh and salt water meet, and where there is also a tidal cycle. This dynamic creates a unique and spectacular landscape, attracting not only hikers, but also special animals and plants. 33 Historical treasure: Fort Buitensluis in Numansdorp Head back into history with a visit to Fort Buitensluis. This listed fort was the setting for a large number of historical events: from the French occupation at the end of the eighteenth century to both WWI and WWII. You can do some nice walking here, and guided tours are possible on request. On special days you can even sail along with a unique landing craft. Enjoy a delicious drink and / or snack on the roof terrace with a beautiful view over the water. Information

‘De kleine Biesbosch’: Oeverlanden Hollands Diep A mysterious slice of nature on the banks of the Hollands Diep. You can walk, cycle, canoe and bird watch here. Characteristic of the area is the freshwater tide, similar to the Biesbosch. Nature can really flourish here, which makes for beautiful scenery. ‘Jungle Book’: Klein Profijt In this visitor center of the association of the Hoekschewaard landscape, you’ll learn everything about the special flora and fauna in this area. There is plenty to do for all ages, from a gnome trail to a guided climbing and scrambling tour through the wild willow jungle. Enjoy the magnificent view of the Oude Maas over a cup of coffee. Village icon: Bruggetje Strijensas This drawbridge is a landmark for the village of Strijensas. The bridge makes up part of the lock, together with the lift lock, which dates from the second half of the seventeenth century. The bridge connects the Buitendijk with the Sassendijk and represents a seminal link in the development of bridge construction.

Experience the Middle Ages: Boerderij Mariënhof The Mariënhof is the oldest farmstead in the Hoeksche Waard. The manor house dates from 1559 and the vaulted cellar is from the earlier period of 1550. This is where the Middle Ages come to life, through the two original bedsteads, an authentic fireplace, and a very rare triptych in the side façade. You can book various tours and arrangements here. Back in tine: Hoeksche Waard Museum This is worth visiting for its splendid exterior alone. Museum Hoeksche Waard is located within the listed Oost-Leeuwenstein farmhouse building (17th century) and the stately Hof van Assendelft. Inside, you will find the most wonderful (changing) collections, through which you’ll discover the history of the Hoeksche Waard, but naturally general exhibitions are also hosted there. Information 35

Voorne-Putten Tourist tips Voorne-Putten Voorne-Putten is an island just waiting to be discovered. Cycle along the horizon and make a pit stop at one of the lovely outdoor cafes on the waterfront. Visit the strongholds of Brielle and Hellevoetsluis, and cycle through the striking polder landscape. At the bathing resort of Rockanje, you’ll find outstretched sandy beaches with lovely beach pavilions, and who knows, you might just spot a seal or white-tailed eagle. Voorne-Putten is an island of contrasts, where space and tranquility are interspersed by the friendly buzz of its village and city centres and various events. For more information Museums Bunkers, windmills, ships, maritime history, the island of Voorne-Putten has a rich collection of museums: from the Open Air Museum 'De Duinhuisjes' located in the dunes, to the impressive Historical Museum Den Brielle, where you’re immediately immersed in the 80-Year War. There is also plenty to interest sea dogs and fire service aficionados in the Jan Blanken Dry Dock and the Nationaal Brandweer (Fire Brigade) Museum Hellevoetsluis. Voornes Dune The dune area of Voorne is a unique habitat that is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. The large dune lakes of the Quackjeswater and Breede Water are teeming with waterfowl, such as colonies of cormorant and spoonbills. In the northern part of the dunes, you can encounter large grazing animals, Exmoor ponies and Galloway cattle. The Tenellaplas visitor centre can provide all the necessary information. Food, drink and lodgings In Voorne-Putten, you can enjoy a drink at one of the hip beach pavilions, or sample various culinary tasting delights within the strongholds of Brielle or Hellevoetsluis. If you’re looking to stay longer, Voorne-Putten offers an array of quality hotels, delightful B & Bs, holiday parks and fun-packed campsites.

Goeree-Overflakkee tourist tips Goeree-Overflakkee is a great starting point, whether you’re into active day trips, such as a day at the beach, cycling or walking trips, spotting flamingos in the mudflats, a contemplative stroll – or if you’re interested in learning about the history of an island; all at your own leisurely pace. The natural surroundings are unspoilt, and the coastline and beaches are wonderful. Where birds parade A genuine promenade has been realised on the eastern side of the island, where you can watch various species of birds parade. Along the bird boulevard Hellegat-Ventjager, you might just spot a spoonbill, great tern or European bald eagle. The Battenoord area is the annual wintertime home of a group of flamingos, so don’t forget your binoculars. Children can explore the whole island through discovery trails as a GO Ranger. Ask for the fun pack, including binoculars, a rucksack, cap, and the GO Ranger assignment booklet at the Ouddorp VVV Ipoint centre. A dive in history Are you interested in history? If so, then Ooltgensplaat may well surprise you. Stroll past the newly restored 17th-century town hall, visit the weighing house at the harbour or pass Fort Prins Frederik. If you’re looking to discover the history of the fort, then it’s fun to do the puzzle trail. You can pick up a puzzle trail for free at various locations, including the Weeghuisje in Ooltgensplaat. Beach fun If you’re a fan of the beach and the sea, then Ouddorp and the Brouwersdam will delight you with their broad sandy beaches and vast dune area! The Brouwersdam is the ultimate spot for windsurfers, foilboarders and kite surfers from all over the world. Experience the water for yourself during a surf clinic or watch as the surfers brave the waves. There are also some great beach bars to stop at for a bite or drink. Looking to stay overnight? In addition to beaches and nature, the villages and marinas also have plenty of atmosphere, and Ouddorp and Middelharnis are great for shopping. There are various food and drink locales and accommodation options spread over the island. Whether you want to spend the night near the coast, in the buzz of a village or close to nature, there’s something for everyone. At the VVV Inspiration Point in Ouddorp, you can find inspiration, information and cycling and walking routes for example. Phone: 0187 - 68 17 89 or go to: Information 37

Stelling van Willemstad Your visit to Willemstad and its walled areas will be like tracing back the footsteps of influential rulers and conquerors. There are cannonballs in the walls, cannons on the quay, as well as city walls, star-shaped dikes, and forts and bunkers to explore. The eventful past of the incredible historic fortified city has more than left its mark. Get acquainted with Dutch history through visitor centre the Mauritshuis, the former hunting lodge of Prince Maurits from 1623. Amble through the old streets, take a walk over the city walls, or head for the nearby forts. Cap off the day with a drink and a meal at one of the many wonderful eateries. In other words, it’s easy to make the most of your visit to the Stelling van Willemstad! Tourist Tips West-Brabant Tourist tips in the Willemstad area: Fort Sabina Fort Sabina is located at the intersection of the North Brabant, South-Holland and Zeeland provinces. It’s a large stronghold full of atmosphere, and makes up part of the Defence Line of Willemstad within the Zuiderwaterlinie, a major defensive line. Notable features of the fort include the Napoleonic Tour Modèle, subterranean passageways and the large military barracks. For more information

Fort de Hel Fort de Hel is also part of the Stelling van Willemstad within the Zuiderwaterlinie, dating back to the 18th century, and built by the French under Napoleon’s reign. Volkerak locks A beautiful location to explore during your cycling or walking tour. Cycling and walking There are a number of cycling and walking routes in the Willemstad area, which also has bike rental facilities. For more information, go to: Anyone looking to stay overnight will have plenty of accommodation options, such as B&B’s and hotels. For more information: Moerdijk The name Moerdijk comes from the word ‘moer’, which is marshy soil that incorporates a lot of peat. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Moerdijk formed an important link within the North-South connection. Even then, a ferry connection between Strijensas and Moerdijk was already in existence. These days, Moerdijk is especially known for its industry, as well as featuring a number of marinas. Benedensas The countryside surrounding Benedensas is perfect to explore. Walk among the Scottish Highland cows in the Dintelse Gorzen nature reserve, or meander along the Steenbergse Vliet river by canoe or electric boat. Order a picnic basket to bring along to make it the perfect day! Located within the building named 'Schippershuis' – Bierhuis' is a charming private restaurant with a tea garden, where you can enjoy homemade cakes, high teas, various specialty ales, delicious lunches, and well-presented dinners throughout the year. 39 Tourist tips

Deltapontjes The most charming ferries in and around the Haringvliet. This edition of the Deltapontjes brochure includes connections by ferry. It also features information on cycling and walking routes, along with other tourism tips to make your stray as enjoyable as possible. Unique experience Each crossing brings that carefree feeling of gazing across the water, squinting to see the distant shore with the wind in your hair and the water splashing past below. Each connection is unique and the area on the opposite shore has its own character as well. Not to mention: no two ferryboats are the same! Departure times and fares This brochure provides information on the departure times, ferries fares and how tickets can be purchased. In very exceptional cases, it is possible for departure times to change in the interim. Want to be sure you have the right times? Check the website of the connection you plan to take before you set out. For more information on current departure times, download the free ‘Overzetveren’ app (in Dutch) or visit Tourist attractions The landing places of the ferries offer you plenty of opportunities for recreation and sightseeing. This brochure contains information about destinations and points of interest. This brochure also provides contact details of the VVV tourist information shops and promotional organizations. Nearly all areas have a network of cycling points to follow and a marked walking trail network. This makes it even easier to explore the areas around the Haringvliet.

Deltapontjes Die schönsten Fähren am Haringvliet Diese Ausgabe der Deltafähren-Broschüre enthält Fährverbindungen, wertvolle Informationen über Radfahren und Wandern sowie interessante touristische Tipps, um Ihren Aufenthalt in dieser schönen Region möglichst angenehm zu gestalten. Einzigartige Erfahrung Jede Überfahrt bedeutet ein herrlich unbeschwertes Gefühl und wunderschöne Aussichten auf gegenüberliegende Ufer. Lassen Sie sich den Wind durch die Haare wehen und vom endlosen Spiel der Wellen bezaubern. Jede unserer Fährverbindungen ist einzigartig und alle Gebiete zeichnen sich durch ihren ganz eigenen Charakter aus. Abfahrtszeiten und Fahrttarife Diese Broschüre informiert Sie über die Abfahrtszeiten, die Fahrttarife und den Ticketverkauf. In einigen Fällen können sich die Fahrzeiten zwischenzeitlich noch ändern. Möchten Sie sich vorab über die aktuellen Abfahrtszeiten informieren lassen, ziehen Sie dann vor der Abfahrt die Website der betreffenden Fährverbindung zurate oder laden sie die kostenlose „Overzetveren“-App (auf Niederländisch) herunter. Auch auf den Websites finden Sie praktische Informationen für Ihre Fahrt. Touristische Tipps An den Anlegeplätzen der Fähren entfalten sich Ihnen zahlreiche Erholungs- und Sightseeing-Möglichkeiten. Diese Broschüre enthält Informationen über Reiseziele und Sehenswürdigkeiten. Hier finden Sie auch die Adressen und Angaben aller 41 Fremdenverkehrsämter (VVVs) in dieser Region. Fast alle Gebiete verfügen über ein Fahrradknoten-System und ein markiertes Wanderwegnetz. Damit lassen sich die Gebiete am Haringvliet noch einfacher entdecken. Deutsche Broschüre herunterladen Diese Broschüre ist auch in einer deutschen Version erhältlich. Sie können die deutsche Version auf der Website herunterladen. Translations

Addresses of VVV tourist organisations / promotional organisations Natuurlijk. Hoeksche Waard I-punt Het Oude Raadhuis Waterstal 1 3262 JR Oud-Beijerland Natuurlijk. Hoeksche Waard I-punt De Hoeksche Hoeve Boendersweg 36a 3295 LB ‘s-Gravendeel Nationaal Landschap Hoeksche Waard Visit Goeree-Overflakkee VVV Inspiratiepunt Goeree-Overflakkee Bosweg 2 3253 XA Ouddorp Marketing OpVoorne-Putten Kerkplein 4a 3233 AR Oostvoorne Visit Moerdijk I-punt Klundert Molenstraat 33 4791 HL Klundert Visit Moerdijk I-punt Het Mauritshuis Hofstraat 1 4797 AC Willemstad Visit Moerdijk I-punt Zevenbergen Molenstraat 2b 4761 CK Zevenbergen VVV Rockanje Dorpsplein 24 3235 AD Rockanje

The Deltapontjes were made possible by: 43 Information

Colophon Issued by Gemeente Hoeksche Waard For further information, please visit Photography Participating municipalities, Natuurmonumenten, VVV Zuid-Holland Zuid, VVV Zeeland, VVV Moerdijk, exploitanten, RTM Museum, Vereniging Hoekschewaards Landschap en other promotional organisations. Edition 18.000 copies April 2023 Thanks to all of the parties who provided text and images. The contents of this brochure have been compiled with the utmost care, but can be subject to misprints and errors. The municipality of Hoeksche Waard and all other parties cannot be held liable for damages resulting from any inaccuracies or omissions of information in this publication. The storage and distribution of this brochure was made possible by Stichting Wachtschip Driestromengroep.