Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

Rhoon – Oud-Beijerland – Oude Tol – Spijkenisse The Rhoonsveer ferry connects OudBeijerland, Rhoon and Spijkenisse. In Oud-Beijerland, the ferry even stops at two locations, namely in the town centre, and at the Oude Tol (old toll point). The Rhoonsveer ferry can transport 100 people. This connection over the Spui operates every weekday throughout the entire year. From the second weekend in May up until and including the second weekend in September, there are also crossings at the weekends an public holidays. Klein Profijt From the centre, you can explore the picturesque village center of OudBeijerland with its many restaurants and shops. You can also walk or cycle to Klein Profijt (an old salmon fishery). This is the location of the nature visitor entre of the Hoekschewaards Landschap association (HWL). Sitting in the outdoor area of Klein Profijt, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Spui with a cup of tea or coffee. The Rhoonsveer ferry also stops at the Oude Tol. The Oude Tol recreation area and the Spuipark are now also easily accessible via the water. The Oude Tol is an especially popular place in the summer to enjoy the surroundings, the beautiful weather and water, while enjoying a snack and drink. Form the Oude Tol, you can either head straight into the Hoeksche Waard, or cross over to the Spijkenisse nature and recreation area De Uitwaayer. For more information Ferry captain 06-553 278 28