Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

The Hoeksche Waard has a large number of attractions, and you will encounter many beautiful spots along the cycling and walking routes. Here though are ten lovely locations you wouldn’t want to miss. De vrije wildernis: Tiengemeten The special experience starts as soon as you board the ferry. Once you alight, you feel like you’re in another world. Flowery fields, marshes and vast rugged tidal areas alternate. Today, nature is in charge, but that was different in past times. Beautiful historic farms testify to the island’s agricultural heritage. Tiengemeten offers an interesting mix of nature and (cultural) history. You can enjoy walking and cycling here, and there are several museums and a natural play area. Village with urban allure: Oud-Beijerland centre Oud-Beijerland has a rich history, of which the beautiful Raadhuis (town hall) from 1662 is probably the most famous example. In the centre, you will find a varied range of shops and there is no shortage of delightful eateries: from trendy coffee bars and lunchrooms to high quality restaurants, Oud-Beijerland offers something for everyone. The 10 must-see spots in the Hoeksche Waard!