Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

‘De kleine Biesbosch’: Oeverlanden Hollands Diep A mysterious slice of nature on the banks of the Hollands Diep. You can walk, cycle, canoe and bird watch here. Characteristic of the area is the freshwater tide, similar to the Biesbosch. Nature can really flourish here, which makes for beautiful scenery. ‘Jungle Book’: Klein Profijt In this visitor center of the association of the Hoekschewaard landscape, you’ll learn everything about the special flora and fauna in this area. There is plenty to do for all ages, from a gnome trail to a guided climbing and scrambling tour through the wild willow jungle. Enjoy the magnificent view of the Oude Maas over a cup of coffee. Village icon: Bruggetje Strijensas This drawbridge is a landmark for the village of Strijensas. The bridge makes up part of the lock, together with the lift lock, which dates from the second half of the seventeenth century. The bridge connects the Buitendijk with the Sassendijk and represents a seminal link in the development of bridge construction.