Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

5 This latest edition (which is already the 14th) of the Deltapontjes brochure doesn’t just include the ferry connections, but is also packed with information about cycling, walking, and other tourist tips to make sure you get the most out of your stay. In addition, the 3 most enjoyable walking and cycling routes are also included, along with the 10 must-see locations in the Hoeksche Waard! Experience it in your own way: every connection is unique, no two ferries are the same, and the area across the shore has its own unique features. So come and immerse yourself in the island’s atmosphere. This brochure provides information about the ferry connections in the area. Sailing times may change in the meantime due to unforeseen circumstances. If you want to be certain of the correct times, then check the ferry’s website before departure. At the back of this brochure there are tourist tips for a day out or a longer stay per area. The details of the tourist offices/promotion organisations are also listed here. Almost all areas have a cycling junction system and walking route network. This makes it even easier to discover the attractive areas around the Haringvliet. For more information about current departure times, download the free app 'transfer springs' or check them over at: 5 Information