Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

Willemstad If you’re looking to go back in time, then Willemstad is the right place to journey to. ‘Willem's city’ is one of the most strategically located cities of William of Orange. The connection with the House of Orange is still evident; even today, King Willem-Alexander still bears the title "Lord of Willemstad". Willemstad is basically one large historical monument, and strolling through it will bring some of the most turbulent eras in Dutch history back to life. The barrels of old cannons leer over the high city walls - but don’t worry, they’re more of a welcoming committee than a threat! Numansdorp In the southern part of the Hoeksche Waard lies the village of Numansdorp, next to the Hollands Diep. This village was founded in 1642 and named after the very first Craftsman Gerard Numan. Stroll through the enjoyable Voorstraat, which has many wonderful little shops, as well as great options for lunch or dinner at its many restaurants. Also worth a visit is Fort Buitensluis. Find out all about this fort, which was founded in 1793/1794, and is located directly on the Hollands Diep.