Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

27 Nieuwendijk Nieuwendijk is located on the Haringvliet and is a hamlet comprising just a few streets and some 350 residents. It’s part of the municipality of Hoeksche Waard. During the disastrous flood of 1953, a large section of Nieuwendijk was badly damaged. Norway came to its aid, and donated 36 Norwegian homes. Almost all of the original houses stood on the dike before the disaster. After the flood, the new houses were built in the polder. Nieuwendijk is split in two by the West-Binnenhaven. All streets east of this water are named after famous Norwegian. people. The streets to the west of this water are named after places in Norway. Nieuwendijk is the starting point of the ferry to the island of Tiengemeten. Tiengemeten There is a lot to see and experience on Tiengemeten Nature Island. Tiengemeten forms a key link between the Biesbosch and the Voordelta within the dynamic of the Haringvliet: the shallow North Sea before the mouth of the Haringvliet. The creeks on the island are an important habitat for aquatic insects and spawning and growing fish. This in turn attracts numerous birds seeking food here. These days, there are nesting sea eagles, and beavers build their lodges there. Tiengemeten consists of three areas, each with its own charm and nature. In the eastern part of the island lies the Weemoed (Wistfulness) area, you’ll feel as if you’re in a 19th century agricultural landscape. In the middle of Tiengemeten lies the area named Weelde (Wealth) comprising reedlands and open swamp landscape, which is heaven for birdwatchers. In the west of the island there are mudflats and swamps. This part is called Wildernis, where the water rules. Enjoy a stroll through this freshwater tidal area, but don't forget your wellington boots. 27 Destinations