Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

Bird watching: Natuurpad Tiendgorzen ‘De nieuwe wildernis’ small-scale The Tiendgorzen was once laid out by humans, but nature has clearly taken over. This special marsh-like area is home to many different bird species. Cows graze there, but the most special inhabitant is probably the rare root vole. The unpaved hiking trail takes you along the Haringvliet on one side, overlooking the island of Tiengemeten. On the other side you walk along the sea dike, where you’ll sometimes encounter groups of sheep. The area is characterized by a strongly fluctuating water level. Just like nature, water rules here, so remember to take along your boots. 29 Experience valuable alone time: Korendijkse Slikken Unique delta formed by ebb and flow In this most western point of the Hoeksche Waard, you will experience the ultimate in tranquility. This is where nature takes control. It is the place where ebb and flow provide a dynamic, network of mudflats, creeks and gullies and varied vegetation. Walk over the winding paths along the reed collars, sport the most beautiful birds from the birdwatching hut, and enjoy the endless view over the Spui and Haringvliet rivers. The nature reserve is an important breeding ground for many different bird species, which is why the walking route is closed from 15 March to 15 July. Information