Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

Cycling in the Hoeksche Waard Discover the unique polder landscape and iconic structures of the Hoeksche Waard by bike. Cycle over winding dikes, creeks and through charming villages. Along the way, you’ll pass a number of historic farms, where you can often enjoy local delicacies. Cycling junction network The Hoeksche Waard has 229 kilometers of cycling routes officially, but in the quiet polders you can actually enjoying cycling just about anywhere. The three best cycling routes are mentioned here. You can also map out your own route via or get a cycling route map of the Hoeksche Waard at the VVV (Tourist office). Hop-on-hop-off: Molenroute A wonderful day out Cycle over authentic winding dikes through the polders and along the water. Along the way you’ll come across a number of interesting polder and flour mills that are well worth a visit. Go to for current opening hours. A large part of the cycle route takes you along the Binnenbedijkte Maas. Sit yourself down on one of the benches and revel in the wonderful surrounding nature. Or stop at the well-known recreation resort Binnenmaas, with its playground, petting zoo and outdoor pool. Here you can also combine your bike ride with a boat or canoe tip on the Binnenmaas. It all adds up to a wonderful day out.