Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

Fort de Hel Fort de Hel is also part of the Stelling van Willemstad within the Zuiderwaterlinie, dating back to the 18th century, and built by the French under Napoleon’s reign. Volkerak locks A beautiful location to explore during your cycling or walking tour. Cycling and walking There are a number of cycling and walking routes in the Willemstad area, which also has bike rental facilities. For more information, go to: Anyone looking to stay overnight will have plenty of accommodation options, such as B&B’s and hotels. For more information: Moerdijk The name Moerdijk comes from the word ‘moer’, which is marshy soil that incorporates a lot of peat. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Moerdijk formed an important link within the North-South connection. Even then, a ferry connection between Strijensas and Moerdijk was already in existence. These days, Moerdijk is especially known for its industry, as well as featuring a number of marinas. Benedensas The countryside surrounding Benedensas is perfect to explore. Walk among the Scottish Highland cows in the Dintelse Gorzen nature reserve, or meander along the Steenbergse Vliet river by canoe or electric boat. Order a picnic basket to bring along to make it the perfect day! Located within the building named 'Schippershuis' – Bierhuis' is a charming private restaurant with a tea garden, where you can enjoy homemade cakes, high teas, various specialty ales, delicious lunches, and well-presented dinners throughout the year. 39 Tourist tips