Deltapontjes 2023 [English]

Deltapontjes The most charming ferries in and around the Haringvliet. This edition of the Deltapontjes brochure includes connections by ferry. It also features information on cycling and walking routes, along with other tourism tips to make your stray as enjoyable as possible. Unique experience Each crossing brings that carefree feeling of gazing across the water, squinting to see the distant shore with the wind in your hair and the water splashing past below. Each connection is unique and the area on the opposite shore has its own character as well. Not to mention: no two ferryboats are the same! Departure times and fares This brochure provides information on the departure times, ferries fares and how tickets can be purchased. In very exceptional cases, it is possible for departure times to change in the interim. Want to be sure you have the right times? Check the website of the connection you plan to take before you set out. For more information on current departure times, download the free ‘Overzetveren’ app (in Dutch) or visit Tourist attractions The landing places of the ferries offer you plenty of opportunities for recreation and sightseeing. This brochure contains information about destinations and points of interest. This brochure also provides contact details of the VVV tourist information shops and promotional organizations. Nearly all areas have a network of cycling points to follow and a marked walking trail network. This makes it even easier to explore the areas around the Haringvliet.